I specialize in preparing art for production for apparel and accessories manufacturers by digitizing original hand painted artworks and developing patterns based on vintage fabrics and current runway trends.



How I can help your team meet your product development goals...

Textile Print CAD SERVICES

  • Repeats - Straight and half drop repeating artwork sized to your printing mill's specifications.

  • Colorways - Develop palettes and colorways based on specific color references or inspiration images

  • Indexing / Color separation - Reduce colors to printing specifications and clean up noise in artwork

  • Artwork Revisions - adjust scale, motifs, edit layouts, and add or reduce colors

  • Digitizing Paintings / Vintage - Scan and clean up or redraw vintage fabrics and hand painted artworks

  • Tech Packs - Layout finished artwork with technical specifications ready to send to printing mills


  • Create original artwork inspired by runway trends, samples, or vintage tailored to your product and target customer

  • Graphic placements or illustrations

software i use

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • NEDGraphics

"Creative, talented, and original are the words that come to mind when I think about Lauren. I had the pleasure of Lauren reporting to me when I worked at Target Corp. Lauren was always enthusiastic to take on new projects, and complete them with beauty and efficiency. Her art was beautiful and always trend right. She does a great job of making sure to push product forward keeping things fresh and exciting. Lauren’s talent would be a true asset for anyone needing great original artwork. I highly recommend her as a great design talent."

     - Jennifer Thompson, CEO at Deviant Thinking



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